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Institute of Feed Research (IFR), Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) was founded in 1991 with an aim to promote the development of feed science and technology in China. IFR is a modern national research organization with the multi-functions of research in feed science, technology transfer and extension, and training. The main research areas include: animal nutrition and feed sciences, feed biotechnology, feed additives, resources development and evaluation, feed processing, feed economic information, as well as feed and food safety.
Research highlights of the Institute
High expression technique of phytase
The recombinant P. pastoris was constructed to highly expressed phytase, developed acid phytase for mono gastric animals, neutral phytase. These are world class products. The expression level (fermentation potency) of acid phytase with high specific activity exceeded 15000 U ml-1, which was the highest among all kinds of recombinant strains reported internationally.
Nutritious and healthy egg production technique
A technique of nutritious and healthy egg production was achieved over ten years of research and development. The egg has not only decreased cholesterol content, but greatly increased healthy ingredients—lecithin, n-3 PUFA and oxidative stability. The technique has been put in practice and welcomed by consumers.
Milk replacer for calves
Milk Replacer (MR) for calves contains the nutrition required by dairy calves. Feeding MR can satisfy the nutrient demand of calves well, effectively increasing the growth of the calves, especially the daily gain. MR can improve the calves rumen and benefit the early weaning of calves. MR will maximize the growth of dairy calves and reduce feeding cost.
Pilot base of the Institute
The National Aqua-feed Evaluation Base, Biological Fermentation Pilot Base of National Feed Engineering Center, Enzyme Engineering Pilot Base, Feed Biological Evaluation and Feeding Lab have laid the foundation for feed sciences innovation and marketing.
Other Research highlights of the Institute
Producing β-glucanase by genetic engineering yeast
Micro-ecological Preparation for Feed Usage
Preparation of highly immunized yolk antibodies powder
Application of Chinese herbal medicine as feed additive
Production technology of Xylanase
Study on nutrient requirement and feeds formula technology for livestock and aquatic animals
Study on feed processing technology and quality control of the products
Other Concerns of the Institute
To provide feed economy information through feed industry policy and development strategy suggestion, and feed market prediction and analyses,
To provide instruction for feed enterprises on investment management and competition strategy,
To maintain a central laboratory providing support for scientists to pursue their research and provide a platform for analysis and research,
To educate personnel by accepting visiting scientists and graduate students enrolled in MSc and PhD programs,
To organize technical symposiums and training courses,
To train technicians for the industry
Feed Research Institute Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Address: No.12 Zhongguancun Nandajie Haidian District, Beijing 100081, China
Tel: 8610-82106056  Fax: 8610-82106054    Email: